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Why tax isn’t coming down any time soon


In the run-up to The Budget, posturing and discussion will always dominate the headlines. What tax should go?Which should stay?Who should pay more? And what loopholes should close? Although, for many reasons, the tax burden should be reduced. It won’t be. Wages have not increased to take account of the rises in taxation that we […]

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The elephant in the room


We didn’t learn very much from George Osborne from his Autumn Budget Statement. We knew the news was going to be grim. And it was. Similarly we didn’t learn much from Ed Balls the Shadow Chancellor. We knew he was going to say that the current economic malaise was the chancellor’s fault. And he did. […]

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It’s time for a reality check on unemployment

Unemployment is up. What we need is an attitude change. Not a raft of political rhetoric, disturbance or social engineering plan to shift wealth. The figures make for a grim read. 2.62 million unemployed at the last count. 1.02 million of those are aged between 16 and 24. Regardless of your political leanings, this is […]

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Shut up Bill Nighy!

Bill Nighy is a great actor. I like his work. Always have done. He’s eloquent, engaging and highly articulate. Yet he’s utterly wrong, foolish, naïve and strangely motivated by this incomprehensible idea that a financial transaction tax would be a good idea. In simple terms the financial transaction tax (sometimes known as a Tobin tax) […]

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There’s no place for a financial transaction tax


Germany has approved new powers for the EU’s main bailout fund. This move will certainly buy time. The big question is whether the Euro will survive in its current form and what the European leaders need to do to ensure confidence returns to our financial markets. That is the backdrop for discussions over plans for […]

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Our tax system is broken


  Ask if someone who either earns a lot of money or has accumulated considerable wealth should be taxed more, often the answer will be yes. I agree with the general principle of taxation. I also agree with a tax system that asks our wealthier people to pay more. As part of a society where […]

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50p tax rate – it’s the ideologists who should flee the country – not our high earners


Give me a single argument to defend the 50 pence tax rate that makes any sense. Let me answer that for you. There isn’t one. With that in mind, the top rate of tax should go. And quickly. The economists who have urged the government to drop the 50p rate are right. Just because a […]

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