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Justin Bieber

December Max MixTape Part 2

If you don’t scroll to the end of my MixTapes you are MISSING out dear reader. I have a real treat for you later on. Anyway. Time for the second of this month’s Max MixTapes. If you liked Made in Chelsea, which I rather did, one of the tracks heavily featured was Avicii “Levels”. It’s […]

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December already?! Oh my.

Here’s my latest Max MixTape for you. Always like Flo Rida. “Good Feeling” is just that. Cheer up everyone! I’m not getting rid of my iPhone no matter how cool this Deadmau5 gig was for the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800… using the side of Millbank Tower in London. This is proper cool though. […]

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May Max Mixtape

It’s May and time to check out some new and old tunes for my latest MixTape! Let’s begin with a trio of new and fresh female artists, destined for pop stardom! This has the makings of a rather fine summer anthem.. “Son of a Gun” by Oh Land. Florie is a new name making some […]

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The Max MixTape Feb 2011

This week I start with Clare Maguire’s “The Last Dance”. Is it retro? Or rather the shape of pop to come? It’s both. And with one of the best choruses and middle eights I have heard in an age it’s my track of the week If Clare Maguire is sounding like an 80’s Cher, then […]

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