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Britain’s housing market is in a mess – we need a housing strategy


We all know the housing market is struggling. As usual, however, those responsible for the mess are busy excusing themselves of any action THEY should be taking to grease the market wheels. Let’s start with the pundits. There are, after all, rather a lot of them. Economists are the worst. They extrapolate figures that were […]

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Fix the housing market and you’ll fix the economy


It seems obvious. Fix the housing market and we fix a huge piece of the UK economy. The latest round of useless data has been published. I am not a fan of how it is interpreted by the media but I am in favour of fixing a market that is broken. I don’t advocate a […]

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What next for residential property?


What next for the residential property market? Boringly enough, the housing market is set for a period of stagnation. It’s difficult to call, as there are a number of factors at play. In the longer term, the market will recover. Property is cyclical. There is an inherent undersupply and a desire in our society to […]

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