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My take on Pasty-gate, Cam Dine With Me and the other PR gaffes


It would be easy to write a blog on how many mistakes Mr Cameron and his team have made this week. Indeed it as if he and his Chancellor are trying to break Gordon Brown’s record of “Just how many PR gaffes can we make in a week?” So what I thought I would do […]

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The elephant in the room


We didn’t learn very much from George Osborne from his Autumn Budget Statement. We knew the news was going to be grim. And it was. Similarly we didn’t learn much from Ed Balls the Shadow Chancellor. We knew he was going to say that the current economic malaise was the chancellor’s fault. And he did. […]

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You can’t polish a turd… but you can roll it in glitter


We all know the economy is in a mess. However you look at it, 0.2% growth in GDP for the second quarter of 2011 is fairly lame. It’s easy to point the finger at George Osborne and say that he’s not doing enough to kick-start the economy and bring it back to life. Whilst the […]

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Osborne needs a plan A-plus not a plan B


A bunch of economists who generally get things wrong, write to The Observer to say they don’t like what Chancellor George Osborne is doing. His economic policies are wrong and we need to cut less and spend more. Are they right? No. Does Mr Osborne need a “Plan B” for the economy? No. Following the […]

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