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Sharon Shoesmith’s court victory is bad for Britain and bad for the economy


The judgement was truly terrible, but not for the reasons you might expect. Many of our newspapers bleated about the payoff Sharon Shoesmith may receive, resultant of the court decision to uphold that she was wrongly dismissed from her £133,000 a year post as head of social services for Haringey council. Whilst I disagree with […]

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Raising interest rates isn’t an option


With inflation rising again, some are calling for interest rates to rise. They are wrong. Increasing interest rates would not only be a pointless measure but it kill off any chance of an economic recovery. CPI, the Consumer Prices Index is the government’s preferred measure of inflation. It has risen to 4.5% in April from […]

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Fixing Britain PLC


For too long we have borrowed our way out of a crisis. Spending our way out of recession is an economic dogma from the Keynesian era. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. If anything, the 1980’s taught us that to afford the things we want individually or as a society we need […]

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