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Why tax isn’t coming down any time soon


In the run-up to The Budget, posturing and discussion will always dominate the headlines. What tax should go?Which should stay?Who should pay more? And what loopholes should close? Although, for many reasons, the tax burden should be reduced. It won’t be. Wages have not increased to take account of the rises in taxation that we […]

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Europe. The UK is a Celebrity. Get Us Out Of Here!

If you don’t like what’s on the menu, you tend not to visit the restaurant. Well, that’s what I would have thought; yet for years we have been dining at the European table thinking we have to be there in order to make a difference. Britain and its people want a very different EU from […]

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A good deal for Branson

The sale of Northern Rock by the Government to Richard Branson’s Virgin Money is probably the deal of the century. For Mr Branson, anyway. When Northern Rock was nationalised, it was split in two. In essence, good bank and bad bank. We, the taxpayers, still have the bad bit. It owes the Treasury £21 billion. […]

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Shut up Bill Nighy!

Bill Nighy is a great actor. I like his work. Always have done. He’s eloquent, engaging and highly articulate. Yet he’s utterly wrong, foolish, naïve and strangely motivated by this incomprehensible idea that a financial transaction tax would be a good idea. In simple terms the financial transaction tax (sometimes known as a Tobin tax) […]

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There’s no place for a financial transaction tax


Germany has approved new powers for the EU’s main bailout fund. This move will certainly buy time. The big question is whether the Euro will survive in its current form and what the European leaders need to do to ensure confidence returns to our financial markets. That is the backdrop for discussions over plans for […]

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Financial crisis? What financial crisis?


You’d think from the way our politicians are behaving that they had not realised what the financial markets have been telling us for a while. Whilst the 2008 banking collapse and financial system meltdown was very much a failure of markets and confidence, the problems today result from our politicians’ inability to act decisively. The […]

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Financial waste is all around

Until we understand what government spends, how can a sensible judgment over cuts ever be made? Understandably the public and the media got themselves into a frenzy over MP’s and their expenses. A principle of trust had been broken. Elliot Morley was one of the MP’s found guilty and jailed. After serving just a quarter […]

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Bailouts only work on boats…not banks


Another dreadful day on the markets. The Euro is spinning out of control. Sticking plasters are all over a massive and increasingly gaping wound. And most of the Eurocrats think they have done enough so they can go off on holiday. Wrong. They haven’t. This is a crisis. A real crisis and it’s one that […]

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Profit isn’t a dirty word


If I hear one more person say “but we don’t make anything anymore” as an answer to our current economic troubles, I swear I will become violent! Let’s be clear. We do make things. According to the IHS Global Insight (a US economic consultancy) we are seventh in the world league of manufacturing value added […]

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Clegg’s share plan just doesn’t stack up


On the face of it, Nick Clegg’s idea for everyone on the National Insurance register to receive shares in RBS and Lloyds, is a good one. The government owns 83% of RBS and 41% of Lloyds. Why not allow those who invested in these failing institutions a piece of the action? As soon as you […]

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