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Residential Property Prospects 2012


No one predicted many of the extraordinary events of 2011.There’s an argument to say that any conjecture on 2012 could be futile. However one thing I did suggest during the course of 2011 was that property looked like a good investment. Many economic analysts predicted another market meltdown. Yet they were wrong. That’s not to […]

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If 2011 was a year to forget will 2012 be one to remember?


Unlike many of you, I have been working over the Christmas and New Year period. That means as you get to go back to work and feel depressed about everything, I can reflect as I take a couple of days off to think about what 2012 may bring. 2011 was a turbulent year both here […]

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Fixing the nation’s High Streets


With a great fanfare, Mary Portas the TV face of shopping was appointed by the government to review the future of our high streets. She has made 28 recommendations in her report that was published on the 12th December. If you want to take a look for yourself, here they are. Much of what Mary […]

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A good deal for Branson

The sale of Northern Rock by the Government to Richard Branson’s Virgin Money is probably the deal of the century. For Mr Branson, anyway. When Northern Rock was nationalised, it was split in two. In essence, good bank and bad bank. We, the taxpayers, still have the bad bit. It owes the Treasury £21 billion. […]

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You can’t polish a turd… but you can roll it in glitter


We all know the economy is in a mess. However you look at it, 0.2% growth in GDP for the second quarter of 2011 is fairly lame. It’s easy to point the finger at George Osborne and say that he’s not doing enough to kick-start the economy and bring it back to life. Whilst the […]

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Fix the housing market and you’ll fix the economy


It seems obvious. Fix the housing market and we fix a huge piece of the UK economy. The latest round of useless data has been published. I am not a fan of how it is interpreted by the media but I am in favour of fixing a market that is broken. I don’t advocate a […]

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Osborne needs a plan A-plus not a plan B


A bunch of economists who generally get things wrong, write to The Observer to say they don’t like what Chancellor George Osborne is doing. His economic policies are wrong and we need to cut less and spend more. Are they right? No. Does Mr Osborne need a “Plan B” for the economy? No. Following the […]

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Fixing Britain PLC


For too long we have borrowed our way out of a crisis. Spending our way out of recession is an economic dogma from the Keynesian era. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. If anything, the 1980’s taught us that to afford the things we want individually or as a society we need […]

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