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David Cameron

My take on Pasty-gate, Cam Dine With Me and the other PR gaffes


It would be easy to write a blog on how many mistakes Mr Cameron and his team have made this week. Indeed it as if he and his Chancellor are trying to break Gordon Brown’s record of “Just how many PR gaffes can we make in a week?” So what I thought I would do […]

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Europe. The UK is a Celebrity. Get Us Out Of Here!

If you don’t like what’s on the menu, you tend not to visit the restaurant. Well, that’s what I would have thought; yet for years we have been dining at the European table thinking we have to be there in order to make a difference. Britain and its people want a very different EU from […]

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Clegg’s share plan just doesn’t stack up


On the face of it, Nick Clegg’s idea for everyone on the National Insurance register to receive shares in RBS and Lloyds, is a good one. The government owns 83% of RBS and 41% of Lloyds. Why not allow those who invested in these failing institutions a piece of the action? As soon as you […]

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