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The Budget 2012 – The Max Verdict


Many of the measures set out in the Budget for 2012 will probably help the economy move forward but there is a very nasty smell about. It’s the property industry that will suffer most. The raising of Stamp Duty from 5 – 7% for properties over £2 million is a mansion tax in another guise. […]

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Why tax isn’t coming down any time soon


In the run-up to The Budget, posturing and discussion will always dominate the headlines. What tax should go?Which should stay?Who should pay more? And what loopholes should close? Although, for many reasons, the tax burden should be reduced. It won’t be. Wages have not increased to take account of the rises in taxation that we […]

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The elephant in the room


We didn’t learn very much from George Osborne from his Autumn Budget Statement. We knew the news was going to be grim. And it was. Similarly we didn’t learn much from Ed Balls the Shadow Chancellor. We knew he was going to say that the current economic malaise was the chancellor’s fault. And he did. […]

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