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Don’t confuse the court of public opinion with democracy

Increasingly decisions are being taken on the basis of a groundswell of public opinion. Unless we realise what is happening and change our attitudes we are going to end up in a very dark place. I am all for Twitter and Facebook and have thoroughly engaged with the social media revolution. Our politicians have devalued […]

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A good deal for Branson

The sale of Northern Rock by the Government to Richard Branson’s Virgin Money is probably the deal of the century. For Mr Branson, anyway. When Northern Rock was nationalised, it was split in two. In essence, good bank and bad bank. We, the taxpayers, still have the bad bit. It owes the Treasury £21 billion. […]

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Misguided protests won’t change the world

Another protest, this time by a group called OccupyLSX. Even now the tents are pitched by the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Having not done their homework they didn’t realise that the offices of the London Stock Exchange are within a private square that may have public access but can be kept secure if needs […]

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Bailouts only work on boats…not banks


Another dreadful day on the markets. The Euro is spinning out of control. Sticking plasters are all over a massive and increasingly gaping wound. And most of the Eurocrats think they have done enough so they can go off on holiday. Wrong. They haven’t. This is a crisis. A real crisis and it’s one that […]

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Clegg’s share plan just doesn’t stack up


On the face of it, Nick Clegg’s idea for everyone on the National Insurance register to receive shares in RBS and Lloyds, is a good one. The government owns 83% of RBS and 41% of Lloyds. Why not allow those who invested in these failing institutions a piece of the action? As soon as you […]

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Raising interest rates isn’t an option


With inflation rising again, some are calling for interest rates to rise. They are wrong. Increasing interest rates would not only be a pointless measure but it kill off any chance of an economic recovery. CPI, the Consumer Prices Index is the government’s preferred measure of inflation. It has risen to 4.5% in April from […]

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10 O’Clock Live Show – Channel 4 – Banks

James on the 10 o'clock Live show

James on the 10 O’Clock Live Show – Channel 4 James joins comedian David Mitchell and other guests on Channel 4′s topical comedy and news show – 10 o’clock live – to discuss the problems with the country’s credit and banking system. James was asked to appear because of his knowledge of the sector.

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