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Fixing the nation’s High Streets


With a great fanfare, Mary Portas the TV face of shopping was appointed by the government to review the future of our high streets. She has made 28 recommendations in her report that was published on the 12th December. If you want to take a look for yourself, here they are. Much of what Mary […]

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Europe. The UK is a Celebrity. Get Us Out Of Here!

If you don’t like what’s on the menu, you tend not to visit the restaurant. Well, that’s what I would have thought; yet for years we have been dining at the European table thinking we have to be there in order to make a difference. Britain and its people want a very different EU from […]

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December already?! Oh my.

Here’s my latest Max MixTape for you. Always like Flo Rida. “Good Feeling” is just that. Cheer up everyone! I’m not getting rid of my iPhone no matter how cool this Deadmau5 gig was for the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800… using the side of Millbank Tower in London. This is proper cool though. […]

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Clarkson for PM!


Shock horror. Jeremy Clarkson makes an outrageous comment. Oh my. How terrible. I am so shocked I might even need a lie down. As a result, Unison has called for Jeremy Clarkson to be fired whilst taking legal advice. The Prime Minister has been drawn into the discussions and commented that “was obviously a silly […]

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The elephant in the room


We didn’t learn very much from George Osborne from his Autumn Budget Statement. We knew the news was going to be grim. And it was. Similarly we didn’t learn much from Ed Balls the Shadow Chancellor. We knew he was going to say that the current economic malaise was the chancellor’s fault. And he did. […]

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James on Sky News talking about boardroom pay


James on executive boardroom pay versus the workers LBC Radio’s James Max on executive boardroom pay versus the workers. Recorded from Sky News, 22 November 2011. 00:04:30

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Fire the High Pay Commission


Surrounded by bluster about how politically neutral they are, the High Pay Commission have reported. It took them a year to write their report that ultimately isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Before I tuck into it and them, there are some pollutants. We do have examples where bosses of companies that have failed, […]

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Time for a 2D fightback at the cinema


It’s time to say thank you and goodbye to the 3D movie experience. Like the trials that have gone before this is an expensive exercise that costs you the cinema goer more and gives you less. 30% less to be precise. As that is the colour loss that you will experience as a result of […]

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A good deal for Branson

The sale of Northern Rock by the Government to Richard Branson’s Virgin Money is probably the deal of the century. For Mr Branson, anyway. When Northern Rock was nationalised, it was split in two. In essence, good bank and bad bank. We, the taxpayers, still have the bad bit. It owes the Treasury £21 billion. […]

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It’s time for a reality check on unemployment

Unemployment is up. What we need is an attitude change. Not a raft of political rhetoric, disturbance or social engineering plan to shift wealth. The figures make for a grim read. 2.62 million unemployed at the last count. 1.02 million of those are aged between 16 and 24. Regardless of your political leanings, this is […]

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