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March Max Mixtape

March. Ready to spring into action? Not sure I am either. Anyway, I have scoured the net once again to bring you some new music, current hits, great mashes and a few oldies and oddities. Do enjoy and if you find something YOU like and think I should see it? EMAIL ME! Or use the […]

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Who are the stars of the future?


Who are the stars of the future? We have become used to the talent show format. It almost seems tired now. Yet we still like the familiarity of the judges, the hype, the glamour and the importance of national exposure on national television. Yet the world is changing. Even our talent shows are scanning the […]

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February Max MixTape

We aren’t out of the clutches of winter yet. As a result you’ll need some fabulous new music to blow away the winter blues. Or some such contrite nonsense. However, where would a Max MixTape be without some more splendid tips for the top of the charts, some wonderful mash-ups and an oddity or two. […]

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Don’t confuse the court of public opinion with democracy

Increasingly decisions are being taken on the basis of a groundswell of public opinion. Unless we realise what is happening and change our attitudes we are going to end up in a very dark place. I am all for Twitter and Facebook and have thoroughly engaged with the social media revolution. Our politicians have devalued […]

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The Max Mixtape January part two

Hello… just a quick mini MixTape from me but I felt you needed a little pepping up ready for the weekend!! How could I not immediately post the new One Direction video for their next release “One Thing”? So. Here it is… More new music. Here’s Dev with “Dancing Shoes”. And Steve Aoki feat.Wynter Gordon […]

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Lloyds Banking Group must reflect on poor decisions

On pretty much every level, share price, turnover, profitability, shareholder return, customer satisfaction, public perception and actually bothering to turn up to work, let’s face it, the Group Chief Executive of Lloyds Banking Group, hasn’t had a great 2011. It’s the right decision that he has chosen not to take his bonus this year. But […]

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The Max Mixtape January 2012…

And we kick off the New Year with my favourite upcoming release for 2012.Natalia Kills “Kill My Boyfriend”. Great track. Great video too. Pixie Lott. She’s back with “Kiss the Stars”. Funnily enough this looks like it will be a big ‘un for the start of the year. Time to catch up with a few […]

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Residential Property Prospects 2012


No one predicted many of the extraordinary events of 2011.There’s an argument to say that any conjecture on 2012 could be futile. However one thing I did suggest during the course of 2011 was that property looked like a good investment. Many economic analysts predicted another market meltdown. Yet they were wrong. That’s not to […]

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If 2011 was a year to forget will 2012 be one to remember?


Unlike many of you, I have been working over the Christmas and New Year period. That means as you get to go back to work and feel depressed about everything, I can reflect as I take a couple of days off to think about what 2012 may bring. 2011 was a turbulent year both here […]

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December Max MixTape Part 2

If you don’t scroll to the end of my MixTapes you are MISSING out dear reader. I have a real treat for you later on. Anyway. Time for the second of this month’s Max MixTapes. If you liked Made in Chelsea, which I rather did, one of the tracks heavily featured was Avicii “Levels”. It’s […]

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