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Autumnal Max Mixtape

A veritable feast. Let’s get tucked in!

Of course I must start with One Direction’s new video “Live While We’re Young”

Of course they are the biggest boy band on the planet. Gratuitous nakedness is an inevitable consequence of their fame and celebrity. What a shame. Enjoy!

Did I mention that I met Harry?

Skyfall is of course the latest Bond movie. It really is epic. As is the soundtrack by Adele. Fantastic.

So to Sam and the Womp “Bom Bom”. What a ridiculous track. Strangely endearing though. Best enjoyed after a couple of drinks.

Girls Aloud are back. Untouchable. Probably for the best. Nice track and rather glam video.

“Beauty and the Beat” is the latest release from the Bieber. With Nicki Minaj. A very clever video. Yup, I like it.

I always enjoyed the Olly Murs. Here’s “Troublemaker” featuring Flo Rida (it’s only the official lyric video… a strange new thing where they release this version first. I guess so you can learn what the words really are as opposed to picking up weird versions in your head because pop stars’ enunciation is often shocking). Anyway – here it is. I like. Do you?

And Little Mix have released DNA. Here’s the official lyrics video.

The Wanted are back. Have they had some haircuts? “I Found You” is their latest.

I always liked Tyler James. After his featuring on The Voice, he’s back (on track!). Here’s the first release “Single Tear”.

Here’s Ellie Goulding with “I know you Care”

To one of the most ridiculous releases of recent months. “Gangnam Style”. I am a bit speechless really.

What’s not to like about a Bugatti Veyron? Nothing. And that’s why this video is worth a watch. It’s Flo Rida “I Cry”.

And a preview of David Guetta’s “She Wolf”.

How about some Harry Potter on the piano?

I’ll end with one of my favourite YouTube videos of the year so far. Big up Alfie (aka Pointless Blog) and Sam (Sam Pepper).

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