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Just in time for the summer sun – a collection of all that’s HOT!

It’s July. It’s not really been summer to remember. Yet. We didn’t win the football. We didn’t win the tennis and it has rained. Lots of rain. Lots and lots of rain. How depressing. I know. It was all looking SO bad. But now the Jet Stream has moved north, the sunshine has arrived. Here’s a bountiful selection of all that’s hot!

Aiden Grimshaw was in The X Factor. You might not expect him to produce an epic track. You’d be wrong. “Curtain Call” is indeed epic.

Madonna’s back. Here’s “Turn Up The Radio”. A great dance summer anthem. And a rather stylish video to accompany the track.

We all love One Direction right? Well some of us do. However how about one of their tracks as you’ve never seen it before? “What Makes You Beautiful”. This really is amazing!

It seems as if everything’s retro at the moment. Pet Shop Boys have a new album coming out later this year. The first track off the album will be “Winner”. Here it is.

Here’s Lana Del Ray “Summertime Sadness”

And Florence and The Machine are back with “Spectrum”. It’s very good.

Let’s have a mash. This is rather splendid. Doris Day vs MC Lyte.

And now to David Guetta vs Timmy Mallet


Love Connor Maynard. Here’s his latest “Vegas Girl”

Fazer “Killer” is a good summer dance track.

George Michael is back. “White Light” is his new track. Here it is.

Time for a summer mash-up? Yes please.

I am still waiting for the full video for OMG Harrison Webb’s “UR Cool” – Here’s a taster.

Here’s GrooveJuice “Café Prague”

Finally let’s remember how it all began. When I saw this video when flying back into the UK from a business trip, I really did feel proud. Here it is, the UK’s Olympic bid video “Sport At Heart”.

Want to see the London 2012 Olympic Stadium built in 1 minute 55 seconds? Here you go then.

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