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The June Max Mixtape – bring some sunshine into your life

It’s June. Although with the rain, wind and cold you wouldn’t think so. At least the wettest drought in history has come to an end and we can get our hosepipes out again. Anyway. To this month’s selection for the Max Mixtape..

10 years after winning Pop Idol, he’s still with us. And rightly so. Will Young has consistently turned out great pop songs, iconic ballads and now a bit of a fusion., Ballad or dance track? You decide. “I Just Want A Lover”

I always liked Felix Cartal. He’s a Canadian DJ. “Black to White” is his latest release. It’s rather good.

Time to rad it up a bit. Azealia Banks is causing a bit of a stir. I dare say a few bleaps will be required for this when it hits the radio airwaves. It’s called “Liquorice”. I am told it’s a grower.

The good thing about a music video is that the audio is dubbed. From studio quality recordings.Probably the best way to enjoy Cheryl. Let’s face it. Singing live isn’t her thing. “Call My Name” is a great track though.

Next, let’s go Romanian. Alexandra Stan (Mr SaxoBeat) is back with “Lemonade”. It’s err refreshing?

Coldplay. Rihanna. Two mahusive names in pop. And here they are collaborating with “Princess of China”

Of course you want a bit of Flo Rida and “Whistle”

Hello to a summer anthem. “The Power” is a collaboration by D J Fresh and Dizzee Rascal. Hotness.

We all know the Jubilee Concert was a bit hit and miss. Stevie Wonder, however is sometimes overlooked. Genius. Not sure what my fav track of his is… but the soul, key changes and syncopation in “Superstition” was and still isground-breaking. It was relaeased in 1973. I was 3.

Oh and how about a cheeky mash-up? Stevie with Destiny’s Child?!

On the night… it was Madness with “Our House” that stole the show. Partly because they still have it. But also because the graphics on Buck House were amazeballs. Take a look for yourself.

As you know I love The Piano Guys. Here’s their latest. “Canon” it may seem sort of familiar! Terribly kitch video this time though (spew)

I always liked Totally Enormous Dinosaurs. “Garden” is their best track. You’ll recognise it.

For a summer mashup, where better to turn than DJ Earworm. Here’s his Capital FM Summertime Ball Mashup. It’s very tasty.

This is an incredible video. OK Go “Needing/Getting”

Ever wondered what a bathroom mirror prank would look like? Well, here you go.

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