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The May MaxMixTape

We must start this month with Avicii’s forthcoming release “Silhouettes”. After the success of “Levels” this is surely going to storm the charts. It’s a superb track and this young DJ is clearly not going to be a one hit wonder. One of the great talents to arrive in 2012.

If you like The X Factor. Which I do. Then you might be interested in Aiden Grimshaw’s release. “Is this Love”. You know what? It’s a superb track. Picking up the vulnerable tones in his voice with a gritty dance vibe. Nice work.

Everyone likes Rihanna. Right? Hmmm. “Where have you Been” is her latest.

Cher Lloyd has managed to release another track. “Want U Back”. Not sure what I think of this. Not a lot really but it will probably do quite well.

Stooshe is a new British pop band. “Black Heart” is a retro soul track in pop stylee. Whoever did their styling is blind. Or I am just getting old.

To be fair, I much prefer this effort from the girls. “Things That Make You Go Mmm”. Two reasons. 1) it uses a refrain from one of my fav 90’s dance classics by Dee-Lite 2) They don’t appear in the video. It’s all animated. Enjoy!

There’s a lot of fuss about The Wanted. “Chasing The Sun” is a rather mature pop track. It’s catchy and cool. I think they are here for the duration.

Sam Sparro has a new one out. “I wish I never Met You”. Nice. I like.

And here’s the dance version of Maroon 5’s forthcoming release “Payphone”

Spotted Conor Maynard a while back. “Drowning” is new

I do love The Piano Guys. This is their latest. Just brilliantly filmed, edited and scored. Enjoy.

The Loveable Rogues are my favourites so far in this year’s BGT. They are really great. Here’s their piece. So good. And very funny!

I love these two. Jack and his twin brother Finn. Opening mail. Yeah. I know but they are funny. This whole send mail to the people you like on YouTube is quite a thing these days.

Phil and Holly always make me laugh. 12 Funniest moments.

With news that Duran Duran are to headline the London pre-Olympics gig in Hyde Park. How about a mash? “Notorious Dinosaur”!

Not one of their best known tracks “The Chauffeur”. Such an iconic b&w video though. I still love it.

And yes. I have featured it before. This is one of my favourite pop videos of the past decade.

Do you enjoy a cover version? Me too. Particularly when it’s a classical version of a pop track. How about a quartet playing Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”

Muppets always make me smile. As does Beaker. Here he s going all European on us!

This month I’ll leave you with some beatboxing and drumming.

Is this Norwegian kid just amazing or what?

and is this the same fella again?

And here he is having been spotted on the streets appearing on telly!

And he’s even got his own YouTube channel now. Fabulous!

Bye for now. Until next month!