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April Max Mixtape

April sees a huge amount of bubble-gum pop released to deluge us. Arguably I have left the best until last so don’t forget to scroll all the way down for this month’s alternative bits!

Let’s kick off with Carly Rae Jepsen to bring you up to speed with the latest pop trash. “Call Me Maybe”.

Fresh from her debut on The Voice and her recent live performances, Jessie J is one of the faces of 2012. Here’s her new release. “Laserlight” which features David Guetta.

Everyone seems to like Nicki Minaj. Not quite sure why. Here’s her new one which isn’t a patch on starships. “Beez In The Trap”.

Scissor Sisters are back. Calvin Harris has stuck his oar in. “Only The Horses”. Here’s the official lyric video.

Here’s Rufus Wainwright with “Out of the Game”. The video features Helena Bonham Carter. It’s good. Nice video too.

Lot’s of people seem to be getting excited by Conor Maynard. So you’d better see what all the fuss is about. Here’s “Can’t Say No”

Despite the somewhat low rent sex tape that appeared, albeit briefly, on YouTube, Tulisa has released her debut single “We Are Young”. It’s not bad. It’s not that great either, mostly because she can’t sing very well. She has some great producers behind her. It will do well, I am sure.

Here’s Florrie Arnold. “Make Your Own Rhythm”. The video is better than the track.

Lana Del Rey keeps kicking off the tracks from her album. Diminishing quality. It’s inoffensive. “Blue Jeans”. Filmed in black and white. That works. Not.

Katy Perry “Part of Me”. Sigh.

As you know I love The Pianoguys. Here’s their latest “Happy Together”. As usual a lot of funny stunts and humour in the video. Nice work!

We all know One Direction have recently taken their UK success to the US. Of course there are a load of covers. Most of them are terrible. This one isn’t. It’s by Before You Exit.

Time for a mashup? Cee-Lo Green vs Lady Gaga. OK then. Here you are. Enjoy!

I always enjoyed Simon’s Cat.

BertieBertG has made a lot of videos for YouTube. In less than 24 hours nearly 20,000 people have watched his latest effort.

I can’t remember if I have shown you this before. If not? Enjoy. If I have? Enjoy again!

I have kept the BEST until LAST!!! THIS IS AMAZING! Very funny, brilliantly edited. There are just lots of cows. What else can I say?

I shall leave you with Jeremy Clarkson in a microwave.

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