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Who are the stars of the future?

Who are the stars of the future?

We have become used to the talent show format. It almost seems tired now. Yet we still like the familiarity of the judges, the hype, the glamour and the importance of national exposure on national television. Yet the world is changing. Even our talent shows are scanning the internet for new prospects. New talent and new ideas.

I thought you might like to see my favourites of the younger generation of new talent on the web. However this isn’t a one way process! I’d like you to forward links to the people YOU like on YouTube. Who makes you laugh? Who has incredible talent? Who is very entertaining? And most crucially who do YOU think are the stars of the future?

Of course we must start with the king. Charlie McDonnell aka Charlieissocoollike is the most subscribed YouTuber in the UK. 1.4 million subscribers. And counting. A mix of self-deprecating humour, self-written songs, collaborations and challenge vlogs. With over 6 million views, this is his most viewed video. But there’s a lot of fun stuff on his site. Personal favourites are some of the early challenges, music videos, fun science features.

And here’s his latest “The Other Charlie”

I was first attracted to YouTube by the collaboration that is Smosh. 4.3 million subscribers. And goodness knows how many views on their channel. This is their latest comedy sketch.

And here is the very first success they had. It looks somewhat basic now. But it took the world by storm… over 5 years ago… interestingly they had to remove the original for copyright reasons. But it still remains! Lipsync. Still funny!

Then there was the UK version of the syncing vids from Syncsta..aka Jake and Chris.

This was their first effort “NumaNuma” that went ballistic for them;

And here’s another.

However they had a bit of a bust-up and although friends now, it just shows how an interruption in the provision of content can destroy your following and audience.

So, who’s cutting it now?

Here’s Marcus Butler TV with his friend Alfie Aka PointlessBlog. In this episode they make pizza. Not sure I want to eat it to be honest.

For those of you old enough to remember… it’s a bit John Noakes. Maybe that’s why I find it so funny.

Anyway. In another escapade, Marcus and Alfie decide to go to McDonald’s.

It’s funnier than it sounds.

Marcus has 23,000 subscribers..andAlfie has just nudged ahead with 24,000.

Worth a look at Pointlessblog’s recent post. It’s time to flip pancakes.

Whilst I wipe the tears of laughter off my face and get a little sentimental. Here’s a short little film about Valentaine’s Day.

And often a successful YouTuber will have a second channel to put other stuff. Here’s Marcus and Alfie doing a bit of One Direction LipSyncing. It’s very funny.

It’s worth popping over to those who have made it in TV land who have turned to YouTube to capitalise on their popularity.

Sam Pepper. He became famous from appearing on Big Brother. But has managed to get a truck load of followers to his YouTube channel.

And here’s Harry “H” from the Young Apprentice

Younger talent? BertieBertG is rather amusing. He has 36,000 subscribers. One wonders where he gets the time for this since I presume he has to go to school. He’ll be 15 on the first of May.

And in the style of YouTube. Nothing like a collaboration. So here’s Bertie and Harrison. Were they were bored on holiday or something? But this is quite a fun little film.

And here’s Harrison Webb. In this challenge his younger brother joins in to do the salt and ice challenge that is doing the rounds at the moment.

Which has then been emulated here by Jack and Ollie

Time for another challenge (which are very popular on YouTube btw). Chubby Bunny!!

And here’s Jack and his twin brother Finn. Three challenges back to back. It’s hilarious. And really well edited!

Of course, YouTube doesn’t just focus on people or youngsters. This is one of my favourites. 98 million views. Wow!

Please do get in touch with your suggestions and I’ll do a follow-up with some talent you’ve spotted!

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