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February Max MixTape

We aren’t out of the clutches of winter yet. As a result you’ll need some fabulous new music to blow away the winter blues. Or some such contrite nonsense. However, where would a Max MixTape be without some more splendid tips for the top of the charts, some wonderful mash-ups and an oddity or two. Nowhere. That’s where.

You could be forgiven for thinking we are back in the 1980’s. A new Royal couple is very popular. The Falklands is all over the headlines, the Pet Shop Boys are off to LA to record a new album and the economy is a bit crispy.

And Madonna has a new single out. From herprovocatively titled album MDNA, here’s “Give Me All Your Luvin’”. It’s brilliant.

Welcome Sam Sparro. A poppy, quirky little number entitled “The Shallow End”

Everyone loves Glee. Even if they say they don’t they are lying. And although I feel a little dirty by posting this, it’s rather good. “Smooth Criminal”.

Emile Sandé. She’s done it again. Produced another catchy track. “Next To Me”. Yes please and thank you.

I think we all need a cup of tea and a biscuit. And what better to relax than Gotye “Somebody that I used to Know”

Here’s David Guetta “Titanium”. There’s an argument that it sounds like all his other stuff. Well. It does.

You know I love a mash-up. And so it would seem do you. DJ Earthworm has been mashing and chopping again. Here’s “United State of Pop 2012”

OMG. This is AMAZING! Robbie Williams “Feel” vs Adele “Fire to The Rain”

And how about Lana Del Ray vs Avril Lavigne vs Queen

No moving pix… but a Pet Shop Boys Mash HAS to be heard. It’s 80’s tastic!

Hello! Culshaw and Stephenson “Hello!”

And Holly and Phil get the giggles over a shi* a shi* ohhhh shitake!

And here’s some classic Phil with Fern getting in a real mess with some muffins. I defy you not to get an attack of the giggles!

Let’s go kitten bowling!!

Always a fan of new talent.. here’s Marcus and his friend Alfie as they try to eat 120 chicken McNuggets in 20 minutes to celebrate getting lots of subscribers on YouTube.

To end this Max MixTape? Harry Potter in 60 seconds. This is genius. Don’t tell me that it isn’t. Because. Well, just because it is. Enjoy!

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