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The Max Mixtape January part two

Hello… just a quick mini MixTape from me but I felt you needed a little pepping up ready for the weekend!!

How could I not immediately post the new One Direction video for their next release “One Thing”?

So. Here it is…

More new music. Here’s Dev with “Dancing Shoes”.

And Steve Aoki feat.Wynter Gordon with “LadiDadi”, quite cool I think.

And here’s Lana Del Ray with “Born to Die”

And here’s “Video Games”

Dunproofin – a splendid mash-up mix!

How about “Starry Eyed Surprise” with a Lion King music video? Why not I say!

And finally in homage to the new presenter of Countdown, Nick Hewer… how about a Kraftwerkremix of that famous theme tune? It’s proper!

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