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December already?! Oh my.

Here’s my latest Max MixTape for you.

Always like Flo Rida. “Good Feeling” is just that. Cheer up everyone!

I’m not getting rid of my iPhone no matter how cool this Deadmau5 gig was for the launch of the Nokia Lumia 800… using the side of Millbank Tower in London. This is proper cool though.

Let’s go Gaga. “Marry The Night”. There’s no doubt this lady is one sandwich short of a picnic. There’s an awful lot of self indulgent weirdness before you get to the track itself. Enjoy!

“Commuter Love” by I am a Camera is quite fun.

Bieber is back. And who I am to deny you the chance to watch “Fa La La” featuring Boyz II Men?

Nicola Roberts does “Yo-Yo”. It’s out in January. There’s a danger it could get lost without a trace.

Britain’s most subscribed to YouTuber, Charlie McDonnell has collaborated with his housemate Alex Day to make a cheeky little pop video. I wonder if it was inspired by Jeremy Clarkson’s recent comments? Here’s “Forever Yours”

My other favourite YouTuber at the moment is Jon Cozart. Here’s his latest which he describes as his “Glee Audition”. It’s very good!

Did you miss “Sledgehammer Week”? You did? Then catch up with their final video in a sequence of five.

Look at this! John Schmidt. “Michael Meets Mozart”. Quite something I think you’ll agree!

“Pirates of The Caribbean” piano solo

Fan of the ‘cello as I am (having learnt this particular Bach prelude as a child…) this is a wonderful reinterpretation!

And just look at the Bettys in this!

Kraak&Smaak are weird. Amazeballs on the video though.

“Squeeze Me” is another example of their weirdness!

Haha. LMFAO vsVengaboys. Really? Yes. Hilarious and enjoy!

Faithless vsEurythmics “Sweet Insomnia” nice and tasty.

Remember Rage against the Machine and what they did to the chances of the then X Factor winner? This is very clever!

And since we are on a roll..how about Eminem vs Only Fools and Horses. No. really. It’s terrific!

Kylie has gone head to head with Moloko in this rather epic clash of the iconic disco trax. “Bring it back in your eyes”

Will it Blend? Of course it will!

Since he might be sacked. Here are some of the most hilarious moments from Top Gear.

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