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October Max Mixtape part two

For the second part of the October Max Mixtape, some more new tunes, a little bit of history and some other stuff and like well yeah whatever. Oh And some Justin Bieber!

Got to start with LMFAO – As a nation we could not get enough of “Party Rock Anthem”… their second track “Sexy and I know It” is a great track with a hilarious video. HIT!

Hello Rihanna. “We Found Love” Another anthem.

Coldplay and “Paradise” It’s got Boris bikes in the video and everything.

Bieber is back! Oh shut up. He’s great. YES HE IS! Oh whatever. This is utterly kitch. “Mistletoe”

Classical stuff now. How about Taio Cruz “Dynamite” played by a full orchestra?

Time for a mash-up? Go on then. Beatles vs Joan Jett vs Cypress Hill vs House of Pain vs RATM! Love it.

And how about Dee-LitevsEnya. No really. It’s ‘tastic!

Ages ago, I found you an unofficial video for Streamer’s “Start Button” and here’s another one. It’s great!

I never remember what genius stuff I have shown you and to be honest this mash-up by DJ McFly is so good. See it again.Although you may not have seen it. I don’t know.

And here’s another one. It’s fabulous.

How about the Bee Gees mashed with The Jackson 5? “I Want You Stayin’ Alive”

It is possible that this passed you by. It’s Pepe Deluxe “Mischief of Cloud 6”. What a great track and rather a cool video!

God I loved this. Mr Oizo and “Flat Beat” by Flat Eric. Just funny.

Can you make music out of a pair of jeans? No. Don’t be silly. You need 1000 pairs of jeans to make a music track!

And did you ever believe there would be a cat-certo? Well. You’d better!

Have you never seen Innuendo Bingo? Really? It’s brilliant.

Oh. By the way if any of you thought One Direction were going to be a one hit wonder… think again. Now Westlife are Westdeath… there’s room for a boyband. These boys are here to stay. Just look at the insanity!

Now. This is fascinating. A secret station. The Aldwych.

And ten years ago… this is how we did a reality TV audition…

And here’s the winner! Gosh. Pop Idol 2002. That DOES seem like an age ago.

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