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Blow the misery away with the September Max Mixtape

Miserable. Sorry but it’s September and the economy is miserable. The weather is miserable. A lot of the stuff on telly is miserable. And, well, it’s just miserable. So how better to cheer yourself up than with Part 1 of my September Max Mixtape!

Oh. To ensure you remain cheered. No Matt Cardle. This time around some great new tracks to look out for and of course some mashed mixes and a few oddities too. My fav one is Lady Gaga vs Coldplay… But before we get to that, some new tracks for you.

I always did like Mel C. She’s still got it. “Think About It” is her new track from her new album The Sea.

However one of my favourite songs of hers was her collaboration with Bryan Adams. Maybe it’s because I once heard them perform it in Bryan’s living room. Quite a night. Anyway turn back the clocks…

Florence and The Machine are back. Have a sneak peak… “What the Water Gave Me”

Example seem to have come from nowhere. This is quite a fun track. Even if the video is a rather dull affair. So here’s “Stay Awake”… see what I did there?

Ooohhh So Good! No. Not KFC. But the track for their splendid retro ad of the summer. Templecloud “One Big Family”

Love a dance track. Alex Gaudino and Kelly Rowland “What a Feeling”. A good way to cheer yourself up, I’d say.

Of course you’d be upset if I didn’t have a mash or two for you.
Katy Perry vs Underworld

And time for Mish to get the DJ’s from Mars Remix treatment “Overload”

And how about Lady GaGa vs Coldplay?! This is really mashtastic!! My FAV mash-up of the month!

As for a remix? Remember Blue? No. Not the boyband. The strange Eurotrash dance hit… here it is remixed.

As any of you may know. I love a bit of chill. Groove Armada are splendid. For some reason I’d never seen the vid for “At The River” so here it is.

Whilst on that trip… The Avalanches are epic. “Frontier Psychiatrist” one of their best. The video is INSANE!

If you have never heard of Chris Joss. Let me introduce you. Here’s “Discoteque Dancing”

As rejuvenated by The Inbetweeners. “We Speak No Americano”

Fancy a remix?

Uh oh….

OMG! BAGPUSS and the “Drum and Bass Remix”

Fancy some Ab Fab best bits? I’ll take that as a yes!

And part 2? Go on then.

And finally… Thought I would hate this. Initially this woman is beyond annoying. But. French in one word. Actually. Hilarious.