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August Max MixTape – part two…the summer we never had

For the second part of my A – the remnants of a summer we never had, a tumultuous period of social unrest at home and abroad and the extraordinary oscillations of our financial markets. We don’t live in settled times. However there’s still an abundance of feel good music around.

Where better to start than the quintessential cheeky chappy of pop. Olly Murs. He’s developing quite a knack of chucking out a catchy pop hit. “My Heart Skips a Beat”. It jumped into the iTunes chart at number 1. OK. I’ll admit it. I love it!

STOP THE PRESS!! Summer dance hit alert!! Dripping with the “f” word, here’s my new favourite dance track of the summer. Sak Noel “Loca People”. The first time you hear it? BOOM!

Calvin Harris who brought us “Acceptable in the 80’s” and “The Girls” is back with “Feel So Close” . Takes a while to get going.. once it does? It works.

With some of the stupidest and most ridiculous lyrics you are likely to hear in any pop track released in 2011, why not have a listen to Nicola Roberts (she of Girls Aloud) and see if it’s her “Lucky Day”.

Bright Light Bright Light and “Disco Moment” isn’t really a disco track at all. It’s pure pop with a quasi-disco backing. Nice though.

Marina and The Diamonds are worth watching out for. “Radioactive” is their latest. The video is rather bizarre. Track is good though.

Oh Ms Dynamite is back. Have a listen to this rather aggressive number “Neva Soft” – I don’t normally put stuff I cannot listen to on here. If I were planning a comeback this would not be it. AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh MY EARS ARE BLEEDING.

Years ago the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain did a wonderful version of Miss Dy-na-mi-tee. No video but here’s the audio version!

Whilst on the subject of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain… here’s their version Devil’s Gallop – Fabulous!

Moving on. A nice mash-up for you? How about Queen vs. Michael Jackson vs. Belinda Carlisle?! Strange but true…. Vid quality isn’t great but audio is just fine.

And Lady Gaga goes mash-up with 2 Unlimited.

This mash-up sort of works in a sort of uncomfortable way. Cheryl Cole and Cee Lo Green.

And how inappropriate is this? On so many different levels. However. It’s funny. So hey. Enjoy Adolf vs Queen.

Oh. This is good! The Other Guys’ “Official Royal Wedding Video” – brilliantly rearranged, sung and a funny video too. You may look at is as a bunch of toffs on a day out. But still. I like it and hope you will too!

Since we lack leadership at the moment – have a look at some history. Blimey, she’s good.