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August is here. So a brand new Max Mixtape.

August is here. So a brand new Max Mixtape.

Whilst the country gets over its extraordinary lawlessness, rioting, wanton violence and destruction it’s time for my all new August Max Mixtape! I hope the social unrest is nothing to do with the news that on September 12th One Direction will release their first track. “What Makes You Beautiful” – HERE IT IS! Do you like it?

Bubbling under is Wolf Gang. “Lions in Cages” did quite well and now this. “The King and all of His Men”. See what you think.

Will Young has done it again. Come back with a new track “Jelousy” and a new album that has all the makings of another great production. This track is great. Video is a bit pants though. And it’s not just because it’s set in a gym.

David Guetta is a bit of a genius. His remixes and mash-ups are played around the globe. Here’s his Chris Willis featuring Fergie and LMFAO – “Getting Over You”. Mashtastic!

Pixie Lott does rather pull a pop track out of the hat on a regular basis. “All About Tonight” is suitably vacuous. But quite enjoyable nonetheless.

Love Adele of course. This is an interesting remix of “Set Fire To The Rain” (the Thomas Gold Remix)

And Swedish House Mafia continue to delight. “Save The World” is rather good.

Though I think I prefer the official video!

And although someone said to me that they are no more as a band – this is a terrific track that passed me by. Primary 1 “Never Know”

As you know this Max Mixtape isn’t just about new releases. I LOVE an unusual mash-up. So how about this… Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. Oh HELLO! “Tick-Toxic”

OHHHH my wordy. This is what I am talking about! “Stayin’ Alive in The Wall” – Pink Floyd vs Bee Gees. This is SO fabulous!! Enjoy.

I never liked AC/DC to be honest. However this “Thunder Busters” mash-up with Ghostbusters is hilarious.

Time to go Old Skool. “Sgt Pepper’s Paradise City”. Can you guess where this one is going?

One of the greatest remixes EVER (in my humble opinion) was the Cosmos Remix of Coldplay’s “Clocks”. There’s no video… but this doesn’t need one. It’s simply brilliant.

Not sure I have shared this 19 in 1 mash-up megamix… Well hello Mandu Deejay and your “Mashup 2011”

And time for some odd stuff. This time it’s a fellow called Harry the Piano. How about Harry Potter in every style known to man?!

Oh… I have not had a bit of Bieber Fever for a while. How about the ultimate Bieber mash?

And this, is very funny. Axis of Awesome “4 Chord Song”

And thankfully as he’s ok after smashing up an uber expensive car. Why not celebrate the genius of Rowan Atkinson and his invisible drum kit.

And I love a drum kit myself. After all I did win the drumming prize back in 1983. I’m not sure I was as good as this bloke though.

Let’s end this mixtape with some funny cats and dogs. I know. But it’s funny ok?

And here is the best guilty dog video I have seen (perhaps it’s the only one)

And two cats talking (as translated)

Until next time. Bye!