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June Max Mixtape Part 2!

There’s so much good music and in particular some fine videos around that I thought you should be treated with a June Max Mixtape Part 2!

Katy Perry. Love her, of course. This video is absolutely epic. The song “Last Friday Night” is like, you know. The video? AMAZEBALLS! The cameo appearances from Hanson, Kenny G, Kevin McHale from Glee amongst others… sheer genius!

DJ Earworm is one of the best DJ’s out there. He mashed up for the Capital Radio Summertime Ball 2011… Sadly I could not go as I was doing my talking thing. This is simply epic.

Love Robyn. “Call Your Girlfriend” A slightly odd video but a great track.

Let’s have a rather fine piece of pop/dance. Jesse and the Toy Boys “Push It”

And if you like soul, wrapped up in a pop package then Aloe Blacc “Loving You is Killing Me” should cheer you up no end.

Florrie is making a bit of a splash. “Begging Me” was a great track. So how about this…. “Experimenting with Rugs”. No idea what she’s going on about. Although the imagery would suggest that your mind is right * shudder *

I feel like banging. To be honest, I don’t really like dubstep as a genre much. Benga “Smack Your Bitch Up” however is rather a fine dance track.

Facebook. The revolution in social media.. what would happen if your Grandma got an account? “Grandma Got A Facebook”

Can you believe it. SClub 7 were formed back in the late 90’s. It’s impossible to find the original pop video. This is quite a nice montage though… I know it’s wrong. But come on “Bring It All Back”

I always enjoy a tribute to the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Although the beginning is rubbish… from 46 seconds in… this mix is spot on! Video and live footage mixed together with a great mash-up of Jackson classic tracks.

New talent? I found this video and in particular you might like Kurt Hugo Schneider. I’d send you directly you his channel on YouTube but he’s not enabled embedding. His version of “Fireflies” is brilliant.

And this led me to DJ Strobe’s remix of Fireflies

I always liked Level 42. Mark King and his bass action. This is a compilation from their live tour in 2009. Still got it…

And back to 1987, Curiosity Killed The Cat. “Misfit”. Not the greatest sound quality. But hey.

Cheryl Cole explains why she got binned off The X factor in the US. Goodness this is funny! “Talk This Way”

This Mixtape’s weird clip? This is a lost piece of work by Orson Welles. Hilarious. I do believe that in addition to the seven characters played by Mr Welles, the newly OBE’d Tim Brooke-Taylor features…