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The Max Mixtape June 2011

June. And a new Max Mixtape. And such a feast for you this month. Let’s start with a brilliant piece of utter dance trash. Cliché of a video, incidentally with a prison guard who looks suspiciously like Brian Dowling. Anyway. This is a Summer Anthem. Enjoy “Mr Saxobeat” by Alexandra Stan.

And if you want a similar piece of Europop dance sh*te Sunrise Inc vs Starchild “Lick Shot” The lyrics really do not make any sense at all. Although when has that ever held back a pop track?

Summer 2011 could well be remembered for a lot of things. However Take That in their full line-up are on tour. And they have also written the theme to X Men 4. It’s called “Love Love”. Great track and visually spectacular video too.

Cee Lo Green keeps pumping out the hits. How very Liberace of him in this new release “I Want You (Hold On To Love)”

Colbie Caillat is rather fab. And what a pleasant ditty “Brighter Than The Sun” is. No video yet – just the audio. Just get the BBQ on, some Pimm’s mixed up and err. Enjoy!

Oooooo I do LOVE a mash-up. Yes I do know what they are. Just because I’m 41 doesn’t mean I’m past it. Although I was told that you have reached middle age when you start counting down your age rather than up. How profound. This is Chrstina Aguilera vs Kat Graham vs Beyonce vs Madonna vs Dev (Marc Johnce Mashup). It’s epic.

OK. So that’s all very mainstream… this is AMAZE. Seriously, if you click on one thing this month. This should be it. Paul Dateh – Genius!

Now this lot are going to be in the UK over the next few weeks. I love them… all I have to say is Mmmmm Bop etc. Yes Hanson! “Give A Little”.

Oooo look at this!

Can you believe it all started with “MMMBop”

Sexiest pop video of 2011? Beyonce of course. “Run The World (Girls)”

I read about this lot, Act As If “There’s a Light”. Charming.

Old Skool… given a kick up the rear end. I loved “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO. And to be honest I would not be keen if anyone tinkered. Except Mayer Hawthorne has done rather well. Agree?

Garbage. Not liked any of their stuff for ages. “Version 2.0 13 Years Old”. A credible and endearing return.

I was lucky enough to see The Kuricorder Quartet live at the Royal Albert Hall. I met the band – such wonderful and lovely people. This is one of my fav tracks they play… SOOOO good!

and this one from their recent trip to London

I have told you about Lemon Jelly before. You know I love them, But how about a mash-up? Oooo! Yes please! Lemon Jelly vs Chromeo Momma’s

Can you ever have enough Gaga? I think not…

And finally

Bo Burnham (he of My Family Thinks I’m Gay) is touring in the UK this month. He’s written a new song. It’s very good. The language is foul, by the way. And very funny!

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