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May Max Mixtape

It’s May and time to check out some new and old tunes for my latest MixTape!

Let’s begin with a trio of new and fresh female artists, destined for pop stardom!

This has the makings of a rather fine summer anthem.. “Son of a Gun” by Oh Land.

Florie is a new name making some waves in the industry too. “Begging Me” is poppy and edgy. Not an anthem, granted, but a cool refrain and certainly a good spring/summer track.

And here to finish off my trio of new female artist tracks… how about some Nerina Pallet “Put Your Hands Up” – Very nice it is too and a London flavoured video (although she does have a very strange walk!)

So why were there trees in Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding? What with the heightened levels of security, Special Branch, of course! Anyway. Climbing up the charts is the album by the LCO and Abbey Choir with music from the wedding. My brother is the lead cellist for the LCO and why not let’s have some classical in the playlist this month!

About 4 minutes into this clip (after some rather fabulous choir work and some splendid synchronised horn action) is Crown Imperial. One of the best musical moments of the wedding!

Last month I suggested you got your Union Jack out for Blue. Here is their official video for “I Can”. It’s a grower. Trust me.

WTF is this?!

F*ck You! Is still huge. As it its singer. Cee Lo Green.

Time for a bit of a classical mash-up:

I love SoulWax… Here, they have had a go at Beethoven’s 5th. Amazeballs!

And since we are on a Beethoven’s 5th remix hunt. How about Goldigger – this is fabulous!

And if you liked that you might like this rather special dance mix

And let’s go TRANCE! Mozart has been truly rinsed up and turned out on a laser infested dance floor. Love it.

On a classical theme, a French fellow by the name of Matt Rach has made quite a name for himself on YouTube. Want to see why?

Enjoy the Tube? Not YouTube… the Underground Tube! Oh and a splash of foul language? Given that the lovely Bob Crowe has ordered his team to go on strike (again), have I got the song for you

Oh come on. Join in the Bieber fever! There has to be a reason why this remix of “Somebody to Love” remix featuring Usher has had 152 million hits!

And this is rather original!

I know you enjoy the eclectic weird stuff I dig out… so here is Yoshi remixed with Eminem. Crap video, brilliant mash-up though!

Oh and let’s have some classic Eminem

And let’s finish this month with T Mobile’s Royal Wedding special!

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