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The Max MixTape Feb 2011

This week I start with Clare Maguire’s “The Last Dance”. Is it retro? Or rather the shape of pop to come? It’s both. And with one of the best choruses and middle eights I have heard in an age it’s my track of the week

If Clare Maguire is sounding like an 80’s Cher, then Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” is definitely early Madonna. Great track and heading to the top of the charts, no doubt.

And who better better than to remind (some of us) of the pop music of the 1980’s than the queen of pop herself Kylie who has teamed up with Taio Cruz for a rather poptastic and upbeat track “Higher”

and if you fancy a funky look at the lyrics… then look here!

If you’d like reminding that the charts need a bit of perking up with something a bit more traditional… then look no further than Noah and The Whale. From their album Last Night on Earth “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N”

And can you believe that at 152 in the itunes chart this week… it’s Robbie Williams and his err rather old track Angels! I do still like it though.


Anyway – enough pop for a while. Royksopp are coming out with some new stuff soon. I always liked their rather quirky take on the chill genre and their video for eple is a very cleverly stitched together selection of stills. Have a look.


And since we are going weird. I always did like The Propellerheads. Crash from 1998 – I still love it. Combined with a hilarious video.. worth a watch!

So the audio isn’t great on this next video so two links for you – this one to see the original title sequence for the 1967 Casino Royale


And this one has much better audio….

When I was growing up I loved Symphonies for the Seventies. Of course it’s an absolute abomination for all classical musical lovers. Having said that, I think it’s borderline genius. Listen for yourself. Here is an expedited version of Waldo de Los Rios’s version of Dvorak’s 9th Symphony.


There is a full version here if you want to listen to more…


So. Bieber fever is about to hit us again. So before I lead you to one of his fine tracks – here’s a rather brilliant clip from Letterman… and stay watching as he plays the drums – he’s good!


and here’s the man/boy/lad/bloke/fella himself with “U Smile” except it sounds to me like he’s saying U smell but anyway. I like it. You might too.

I am a big fan of the UK’s most subscribed YouTuber… Charlie McDonnell – Over 4 million hits for this song “Duet with Myself”


Anyway. Youth is a fully old thing and there are some splendid track worth delving out off youtube if you fancy revisiting your teenage years. For me, that was the 1980’s. Here pop pickers for your delectation is the rather brilliant Art of Noise

And I remember when Max Headroom did a video for the group – Wicked. Eh?

And since I have had technology problems this week… have a look at this amazing animation. And what an amazing track. “Printer Jam” by Mistabishi.


Sometimes no video is made for a track. But people make them anyway. How about this for Streamer’s “Start Button”


And I will leave you with this. I’d never heard ir before trawling around YouTube. I rather like it – do you?

And the greatest ever show on Saturday Morning? Swap Shop of course… here’s the original theme

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