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James Max’s MixTape December 2010

Everyone loves music. Right? Well I do yet there isn’t much guidance for us older folk who remember the mix-tape with affection. I love ipods, modern technology, downloads and all the gizmos and gadgets that play music. Yet a player is only as good as the stuff on it. Whilst I love to watch the charts it’s always good to have a bit of a prod in a different direction from time to time. The art of a really good mixtape has been lost. That’s why I shall bring you the very finest in new music, mashed mixes, proper old skool (see what I did with the spelling there) combined with some really weird or unusual stuff to keep you happy!

If you like what I recommend then do send the link to your friends and post comments. If there is an occasion or something you are looking for? Be in touch and if there’s music you would like to add to one of my mix-tapes? Just let me know.

December 2010

A good mixtape always starts with the very best of the new tunes around.

Track 1

Willow Smith – Whip My Hair

Daughter of Will, she may only be 11 but she’s going to be around for a while so you’d better get up with the in-crowd. Such a catchy and well produced song and video.


Track 2

Black Eyed Peas

One of those groups that when you play their hits you realise just how mega they are. Another truly fabulous mash-up. A tacky hook from Dirty Dancing makes up the refrain and some very dirty dance beats. Sick I think is what one’s meant to say.

Track 3

Take That – The Flood

Will he won’t he. Well we all know that Robbie Williams has finally come to terms with his demons and has rejoined the Take That fold. With a sell out tour in 2011 and a staggeringly good album to boot, The Flood is the first single release. Very Take That and a fantastic pop song. Classy video too.

Track 4

Inevitably at Christmas time we may well be influenced by the ads. John Lewis have done very well this year by picking the utter songstress that is Ellie Goulding’s version of Elton John’s Your Song. Amazing. A lovely video too.


Track 5

Sonny J – Can’t Stop Movin

In a bad mood? Here’s a track to cheer you up no end. Delicious in its retro disco beats with a melodic and catchy baseline. LOVE it!

Track 6

Jona Lewie – You’ll Always Find Me in The Kitchen At Parties

I’ll admit it. Flat pack furniture isn’t my thing. Nor is the whole Ikea experience. I’d rather poke my eyes out with a sharpened stick than put up with the utter mayhem and bewildering experience should you actually go there. Yet this ad was a sensation and brings a knackered, forgotten old song bang up to date.

Track 7

Lily Allen – The Fear

Although it came out at the end of 2008, this is still one of my favourite pop songs of recent times. Lyrics are funny and self effacing, the refrain is great and the video inventive.


Track 8

Lemon Jelly – Nice Weather For Ducks

No mix tape is complete without a bit of obscure or old stuff. Lemon Jelly are one of my favourite bands of all time. Described once as “dance music you don’t have to dance to”… this video is simply amazing. Watch out for the dancing animals in the middle 8 – superb and rather heartwarming, I’d say!

Track 9

Lilyest Hobo

Everyone loves a mashed mix? Right? Well I hope so. Yet this one is rather special. If, like me, you grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s you will remember the Littlest Hobo. A dog who turned up at the beginning of the programme, did something heroic and then buggered off without trace at the end. Anyway the theme tune was awful. But awfully remeberable too! And here is is in all its glory mashed with a bit of the Allen. Lovely!

Track 10


Always got to have a silly track on a mix-tape. How I loved that Rentaghost. Amazing. Once of the best. I wonder if it’s the Mumford that ended up in Mumford & Sons? Anyway, how about a dance mix of the theme tune? It’s real! And here it is in all of it’s glory!


Track 11


Less because I like a gaming/cartoon series theme tune. More because a theme I will revert to from time to time is what people do on the internet. Two of the finest comedians who have been entertaining youtubers for the past three years are Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox – aka Smosh. With millions of youtube views and some hilarious sketchs – these guys pretty much started the whole lip sync video craze. Here’s their first effort.

And a little bonus. I am a big fan of Charlie McDonnell – aka Charlieissocoollike With over 3 million views of this particular track it’s a phenomonen! Here’s the link!


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